Antonio Marco Martínez, Greco-Latin culture lover

Born in January 1949, professor of Latin at various Institutes, he now has enough time in his retirement to reread the Greco-Latin classics, review their history and culture, and extract information that is of direct interest for the present moment.

author antiquitatem visits greek ruins

ANTIQUITATEM is the result of the joint efforts of an old Latin teacher who has always been in love with the Ancient World, a young computer scientist and a courageous and willing English translator.

The content is aimed at a general reading public, interested in the Ancient World, without the need for specialization. But that does not mean that the articles and the information offered are not rigorous, but quite the opposite, as befits a serious job.

It is possible that some readings involve some difficulty, but that cannot produce discouragement but increase interest, because without a doubt the effort will be worth it. In any case, the selection of the articles will depend on what, in the author’s opinion, has some interest or contains some teaching for the current reader.

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