The abduction of Hylas: a very peculiar mosaic of Italica (Spain)

In Greek mythology there are numerous episodes in which powerful gods fall in love with beautiful mortals and procreate with them heroes, in their half immortal and in other half mortal. Also the goddesses fall in love sometimes with men, who are mortal. For example Venus is the mother of Aeneas, born from the mortal Anchises, from whom the race of Julius (Julius Caesar, Augustus, etc.) descended.

The gods do not send young kings to people whom want to harm

Phrases, sentences, proverbs, maxims Apophthegmata , were in antiquity an effective instrument for moral and civic education of citizens. So they are thousands of Latin and Greek sentences to be found in collections or never complete dictionaries. Besides the ancient world offers tons of material to build and permanently create attractive judgments at all times or to paraphrase or adapt the old they self.

The myth of the ages or races of man

The old myth of the ages or races of man, with a first gold age which degenerates to the hard and fierce iron age as the moral behavior of man worsens, exists in many literatures. A thousand times told in antiquity and since antiquity, it was sufficiently known by Cervantes who was influenced significantly by it: after all, the “Knight of the Sorrowful Figure” aims to create a better world, perhaps like that existed in the “golden age”, judging by the presence which this illusion has in Don Quixote.

The festivals of fire are very old: the “Fallas”

The Spanish word “fallas” derives, according to the dictionary of the “Real Academia de la Lengua”, from the Latin “facula”, which means “torch”. The “Fallas” are undoubtedly the most important festivals in the Spanish Levante, which revolve essentially around the destructive and purifying fire and they held between 15 and 19 March, the feast of Saint Joseph.

Cyclopean, colossal, Herculean, gigantic, titanic, pharaonic, monstrous, huge, great work, work of Roman

The man before “sapiens” was “faber”, “man doing (at first crude stone tools), who builds, who produces, who manufactures …”. So we took on earth many thousands of years doing construction generally of adequate proportions to forces and limited capacity of man.

“The Gods in Council” of Lucian of Samosata, an early example of irony, humor and freedom of expression

Does the right to freedom of expression have limits? The great majority of people advocate general right to freedom of expression, but not everyone understands it in the same way. There is a particularly confusing area in which the agreement seems impossible; it is the field of religious beliefs.

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